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Changes to the Site 6/15/2022

There have been some noticeable changes on the site.

Where'd the Member Tab Go?

There was a member sign in area that disappeared. We were trying out various online community forums. One of those we tried was a forum on the website. While it was basic. It would have been only for organization members and volunteers, and not the public. It would also involve coding that the next team may not have the skill to keep up with. There were also hosted forums, but those cost money, and cheap is the best option for nonprofits. So, after toying around we came to a conclusion.

Online Community

We have an official discord. It's free and easy to use. Also, anyone can join, and members have special access. Future teams will not have to struggle with finding a person on the team that codes. It's a simple transfer and it's done. Don't think Discord is for you? They have rooms for everyone. Many educational outlets, and niches have use Discord. It's also a more relaxed place to meet people that believe in the Slow Food values.

All volunteers are there so someone is there to answer your questions. Emails get buried, and people aren't always there to answer the phone. Discord is everywhere and anywhere we are. I recommend you check it out at Discord: Slow Food Houston Official Discord I hope you enjoy it.

Online Donations

Also, we have updated our website donation page. We are going to use DonorBox for website use. For whatever is earned on the site, half will be used for Grant funds, and half will be used for our community projects. We would like to have more free events and help small sustainable businesses as well. At the end of each month, we can add a direct link to show how much has been raised. we can't wait to see how this goes.

Snail of Approval Relaunch

Also, we will be relaunching Snail of Approval with updated parameters for what makes a business Snail worthy. While we believe everyone is welcomed to our table, some businesses do not share that ideology. If you spend more time posting mean memes, then you do your products. We cannot accept your applications. We aren't telling you what to believe, we aren't "canceling" you. We simply won't accept your application. If glancing your Instagram, the panel doesn't see your products but do know how you feel about black people, homosexuals, atheists, and what not. It's not worth our time. One of the qualities is "fair". To treat your customers fairly and equally.

Hopefully you enjoy the changes, and feel free to let us know if you do not. While we work on rebuilding Slow Food Houston. We like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way.

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