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Slow Snail Gamer

Charles Martin is heading the Slow Snail Gamer project. Slow Snail Gamer works to see how sustainable agri-food systems are in video games. It's an interactive experience. Learn about Sustainability and interact with other fans, as Charles educates and entertains with a fun stream every Saturday at 5PM on Twitch. Click Here to see the channel. He's already off to a great start.

Sage Banta does moderation, and technical support for the streams. Catch them in the chat during live streams, and don't be shy and say hello. They designed the logo. Their work is amazing. Don't let the fun stop there though.

Ozzy runs the SFH Official Discord. You can meet and mingle with fellow Space City Snails, participate in raffles and contests, and enjoy the controlled chaos that is the Discord. It's a welcoming environment. If you are interested in joining the fun click here.

Also, donations from SSG go toward community outreach projects aimed at people ages 12-35. That includes merch proceeds. Check out the official SSG merch here. I'm excited for my team. Congrats on a job well done.

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