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Welcome to Slow Food Houston

Hello Everyone,

Here we go again, as we create a website that can meet all the needs of a growing community. While we hit a delay with officially relaunching, we are taking this time to create exciting new programs, workshops and events. We took a step back in February to see the best way to serve the greater Houston community. It was important to create a roadmap to success for this team and future teams to have a solid foundation.

We were wanting to really get going in February, but two things changed that. First, we have an amazing partnership that will greatly improve our regional produce restoration projects, which we will talk about more later. Second was the closing of our pollinator conservancy in South Texas. We decided we needed to change the focus of our first few months to increase pollinator viability in the area. Without pollinators, we lose many of our crops and good quality meat.

We have some new programs that will be coming up, and we are looking for new partnerships all the time. We already have an amazing partnership with Catspring Yaupon. They provide the amazing Yaupon for our monthly Open Tea. We will also be launching Snail of Approval. Which we hope will be a big success.

We are also working on creating a training and meeting schedule that will create a team capable of making the most of what they have. While we have shuffled some members about. We also want to have a team that will take Slow Food Houston to the next level.

I hope that on behalf of Slow Food Houston, we can create a community resource that is all inclusive. A table open to everyone. We all live on this crazy planet called Earth, so let's love and take care of it and each other.

With Love,

Kat G.

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